The fulfillment of a lifelong prison sentence reviewable be compatible with the enjoyment of prison leave by the defendant, said yesterday the justice minister, Rafael Catala. “The granting of prison benefits in the enforcement of the sentence is not incompatible with a permanent prison sentence reviewable” Catala said in an interview with Europa Press, as these convictions related to the most serious crimes, represent “the review resocialization of the convicted person, but does not preclude the application of prison benefits that apply when the first third of his sentence, which is reviewed at age 25 “has elapsed.

The review of sentence “will occur within the time limits established for each type of sentence by the competent courts”, and the decision will depend exclusively on those judges, not the prison administration or the Ministry of Justice.

Catala also insisted that the revisable permanent prison is not something innovative, since this figure exists across the European Union, implemented in some cases by socialist governments. He also recalled that when the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has tried the constitutionality of the British revisable permanent prison, “has acknowledged that it conforms to international treaties, the United Nations standards” and, therefore, The government is “reasonably quiet” about the application to the Constitutional Court.


“The reviewable permanent prison, ultimately, basically it means when a person serving a long sentence because he has been convicted of the most serious crimes, such as murder, terrorism, etc., before being reintegrated in society is judged whether It has been re-socialization process that the Constitution provides as end of the sentence “.

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